Monday, April 6, 1981


It was bright and sunny first thing and I went to school without a coat, deliberately getting there late so I could revise during assembly. Claire, Evelyn and Christine had decided to do the same thing too, and so our first two periods until eleven were spent desperately looking over essay plans. Inevitably, we all ended up at the staff room, absolutely crawling to Ingham for an extension. At first he was unrelenting, but he soon crumbled and although we were all jubilant, I felt almost guilty, as though I was letting him down, betraying him even. Stupid. Later we discussed possible titles for essays about Stalin – there are hundreds – and I was left with an overwhelming sense of non-achievement; we have so much work to do for History, not to mention English and Art.

Last period, we were all sat in the library when Andy Briscoe wandered in and casually said that “Czechoslovakia’s just declared war on Poland.” Everyone was shocked, and Jeremy and I rushed to Gilthwaite to try get a paper, but when the two o’clock news rolled around there was no mention, and Andy then admitted that he was lying! The bastard!! Things are getting serious over there though and I wouldn’t be surprised if war happens.

Nothing else to report except getting our fixtures for the six-a-side tournament. Our first match is on April 30th, and the rest are every Thursday until July. Countdown for the Shuttle launch has begun and I feel that something is bound to go wrong.

In the evening I wrote up an essay plan (“Why was the Russo-German non-aggression pact signed?”).

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