Tuesday, April 14, 1981


I set off for Jeremy’s at ten or so and walked all the way, up Haley Hill Road to his house. His Mum was in but left shortly after to go lambing near Burnley; I talked to her a bit, and she was nice. She's from Southampton. Jeremy’s older brother was there as well, and I like him too. He went to work at one and Jeremy and I were left to our own devices. We wandered up to the tennis courts, which were closed, and so spent the rest of the afternoon typing a thing up about Duncan, supposedly from the Libraries Dept of Easterby Council about “personnel selection techniques”; quite funny.

In the evening we switched on the Beeb's Shuttle coverage; amazing film of the Orbiter approach through an Air Force telescope, a white speck that grew into a triangular blur and eventually a white and gleaming space ship; perfect. One last bank and it touched down, Young counting down the feet. I was really pleased. Jeremy bought us fish and chips and I walked home at nine-fifteen. Tense house when I got back, general aggro and short tempers.

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