Thursday, April 30, 1981


After much hassle at the end of school, we finally managed to sort out the soccer kits with Farrar. We'd wanted the green and white strip but it was so hopelessly ripped it was unwearable. We had to make do with a shabby maroon kit instead. I got a lift from Dad to Brady Park, near Morningside Middle School. I was quite nervous and the weather was really foul and dismal.

We got a shock when we saw the other teams, who were all really powerful, professional looking lads, and so we felt completely outclassed from the word go. We got changed and all the teams walked up to the the playing-fields and the big all-weather soccer pitch. Our first opponents, playing in red and white stripes, were ace, and we were completely overrun, humiliated and thoroughly pissed upon. We were absolutely crap, and it was embarrassing. Final score: 6-0. The second match was even worse, and there were even jeers from the shed nearby as the other teams pulled us to bits. 5-0! Our last match turned out to be our best. We played Haslam Juniors and we only lost 2-0; we even mounted a couple of decent attacks.

Hope for the future?

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