Wednesday, April 1, 1981

O Fortuna

In Bastow’s Tutorial we saw a video recording of Carl von Orffe’s Carmina Burana. Some of the scenes, I’m sure, were direct lifts from Hieronymous Bosch paintings. The music was a strange mixture of chants, stentorian tenors etc., and it had a good atmosphere. I sat next to Claire again. I like her, and it’s not something I can help.

Otherwise it was a pleasantly boring day at school. In English we discussed Shakespeare’s handling of death in Antony and Cleopatra and continued reading through Miller’s A View From The Bridge. I also had a careers interview with Ingham, and he gave me seven CRAC university degree course guides and said that in the next two months I should pin down a specific area or course of study. It’ll probably be political philosophy. He also gave me some addresses to write to about the possibility of working on a kibbutz in Israel after ‘A’ levels.

Andrew rang in the evening to tell Mum about his second year assessment, which was mainly ‘A’s and ‘B’s with a few ‘C’s and just one ‘D’. I could tell from Mum’s voice that he was in a good mood. He's also been selected to go on an eight week paid course to a studio in Denmark! I was really quite envious. Later, I watched Liverpool beat West Ham 2-1 in the League Cup Final Replay and also the Academy Awards, inbetween doing English homework.

I’ll probably read Trotsky before sleeping.

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