Tuesday, March 31, 1981


I really enjoyed History today; first period we were left to our own devices, so I got to talk to Claire, and in the third period we discussed Lenin’s contribution to the Soviet Union and whether or not he was a great man. I reveled in it, and I had an idea for a possible debate – 'This house believes that many people are not entitled to vote' or something similar. Sometimes I do basically feel it's wrong to allow some morons to make decisions about our future, because surely shouldn't you show you're responsible and enlightened enough to vote? I don’t know how we’d do it though; by exam or something? I don’t know. Rereading what I’ve written I sound like a fascist, and now I’m not at all sure.

A mixture of frustration and guilt all evening. I owe Dad £3 and Easterby Astronomical Society £4 and again I didn't do any homework. Pathetic.

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