Tuesday, March 10, 1981


At school I took notes on Soviet foreign policy and Jeremy and I made a poster for the Debating Society, then afterwards I watched The Goodbye Girl at Film Society, mainly because youknowwho was there. It was an amusing enough film if a bit schmaltzy at the end.

Afterwards, I walked back in the rain with Claire, Michael and Evelyn. It was late and Claire said it was pointless going to Art, which was true. "Do you want to come to my house instead?" I could hardly believe what I was hearing! Christ, thought I, setting off for Art only to end up at her house! She lives on Beatrice Avenue up above a shop in a cramped, cluttered flat with her Mum, Dad and brother. I talked uneasily with Evelyn while she and Michael sat together on the settee, exchanging little smiles and laughter. Despite what she'd told me a few days ago they looked intimate enough. For dinner we had cornish pasties, chips, and beans and had chocolate ice cream and peaches for dessert, and then we all played snooker, listened to records and played cards until Mrs. Pearson gave me a lift home at nine.

Things are buzzing round in my head and I don't know how I feel!

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