Saturday, March 21, 1981


Torrential rain all day. I went into Easterby with Dad at one. While he went to work, I went to the library and took back Ronald Hingley’s Joseph Stalin: Man and Legend which I'd partly read and paused on the first floor to look at an exhibition by Easterby Photographic Society and to get a book on filming documentaries (by W. Hugh Badderley). I made my usual stop at the fifth floor politics section and took out Twentieth Century Philosophy by Donald Atwell Zoll, The Logic of International Relations by Steven J. Rosen and Walter S. Jones, and the Socialist Register – 1977, edited by Ralph Miliband and John Saville.

I then wandered around loads of clothes shops looking for a jumper. I really enjoyed it for some reason. I tried loads of the trendy places; Untouchable, Young Dude etc., and eventually saw a pale blue jumper with claret stripes in a shop down in Schofield Street, which I bought for £6.95. I browsed in HMV and bought a Hendrix poster and bumped into Nigel Duckett. We got the bus on to Moxthorpe and walked back up through Egley in the rain.

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