Sunday, March 22, 1981


I awoke to snow and when I set off for Grant’s it was clear and sunny and everything felt cold and fresh. I got to his house at about 1.30 and we sat around for a bit listening to various new wave singles before leaving for the inevitable walk up to Woodhead Park. There was not a cloud to mar the perfect sky as we walked through Ashburn woods, deep blue up above but paling to white near the horizon, and all around sweeping views across to Farnshaw, Keddon moor, and Haslam.

We talked as we walked, about people, governments, art, and at Hainsworth Hall we looked around another of their usual modern art exhibitions - I wandered round puzzled - and there was a clichéd feminist exhibition downstairs. We had coffee in the café before returning in a roundabout way through the park and Lodgehill.

When we got back to his house we talked about our projected Youth Hostelling project in Cornwall this summer, formalising a route from Newquay to Exeter via Boscastle, and planning what we'll need for cooking equipment and camping gear. I left Grant’s feeling optimistic. I walked home. It was freezing cold but clear, Jupiter bright in the sky.

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