Friday, March 6, 1981


Lee brought in his projector and showed the films he took last week. It was all uneasy somehow, even a bit embarrassing.

Claire was in one of her whisper sessions with Deborah. She lamented to me the fact that she got an E for her Persuasion essay while Jeremy got a B with an essay she didn't think was much better. I read them both and thought Claire's deserved at least a D+/C- or thereabouts. I consoled her, a bit blatantly perhaps.

Read National Geographic about Mount St. Helens when I got home and then Dad ran me down into Easterby so I could get the five o'clock Dearnelow bus. I got there at six-thirty dead up and then took another bus to Saxton Church. Robert had just got back from a school soccer match when I arrived and he and Carol said they were knackered. After a superb tea we spent the evening listening to records around the fire.

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