Wednesday, March 25, 1981

Half-day closing

I set off for Farnshaw early and arrived at Pilkington Sports Ltd to be greeted by the sign “AS FROM WEDNESDAY MARCH 25TH THIS STORE WILL BE CLOSED ON WEDNESDAYS.” I was really frustrated and annoyed and got back to school and did absolutely nothing until break, and then after break I sat in the common room and did absolutely nothing with Jeremy and Claire.

After school we had a school magazine editorial committee meeting. Our task was to select a name for the mag., subject of course to approval by Barkston. After ruminating for half-an-hour we came up with Fungus, Yelge (get it?), Interface, Egley School Magazine, Take Two 2, EgGs, Beanfest, Gazebo, Image, Scoop, Focus, Ab Extra, EgMag, Ambrosia, and Inside Out. We voted and compiled a short list of four. Fungus was deemed too suspect, so we ended up with Yelge, Interface, EGSM and Take Two. Yelge came out on top.

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