Monday, March 30, 1981


It was so warm today I went to school without a coat. A letter was left for Jeremy in the magazine's problem page box claiming to be from someone who's “madly in love with Jeremy Beaumont, heart throb of the sixth year . . .” He thinks it's a joke, but I don't know. All-in-all it was a pleasant day; I didn’t really talk to anyone in particular and I wrestled with my constant feelings about Claire; wanting to talk to her, sit near her, etc. She would be amazed and no doubt horrified to know this, I’m sure.

After school we debated whether “Vivisection Is Both Necessary And Correct,” which was proposed by Andrew Boyd and Colin Baron and opposed by Lee and Evelyn. The speeches and subsequent arguments were pretty good, Lee and Evelyn making the usual emotive, anti-vivisectionist arguments about animal experimentation and Boyd and Baron, supported by the seemingly ruthless Mr Scotts of this world, saying they didn’t care, that they’d rather animals die than humans. I voted for the motion, but it was defeated 8-11, with 4 abstentions.

I was shocked to hear that Reagan has been shot in the chest. A Western we were watching was suddenly interrupted by a newsflash. I reckon he won’t last.

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