Monday, March 23, 1981


Torrential rain and heavy wind all day. I got in late hoping to avoid assembly which didn’t take place anyway and I wore my new garish pale blue-claret striped jumper. I really like it. First period, amazingly enough, I finished my English homework which isn't due until a week on Wednesday and spent the rest of the day lounging around. Angela was being a real bitch and seems quite genuine in her dislike of me; it puzzles me and I’d like to know why. It don't like feeling disliked. After school, Richard Houlding and I ‘trained’ for our six-a-side adventure over at the Sports Centre. We booted a ball about in the gym until we were kicked out into the splashing mud of the all-weather pitch in the driving rain.

Despite the weather I went to the Easterby Astronomical Society to pay my annual subscription and at least make one appearance this year. I had to scrounge the money off Mum. I feel really bad about my financial situation and I'm getting a Saturday job if it kills me. It was strange at the EAS; loads of new faces there and as I joined in 1977 I'm now one of that Society’s “old guard,” but I feel like all my former enthusiasm for astronomy has waned. So I sat there feeling obliged to show an interest. I felt really odd.

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