Saturday, March 28, 1981


Dad and I went to Dengates to get frog spawn. We picked up Jenny, my eight year old cousin, and were soon tramping through the sodden grass by the marsh. We hastily collected some spawn, which had nearly changed into tadpoles, and we wandered back to the car along the canal bank. Dad dropped me off at Farnshaw on the way home; I had to buy Mum a Mother’s Day card and I also got her some chocolates. Thoughts of Friday all over again as I walked through Moxthorpe. Got a haircut.

Robert and Carol rolled up at about two and Robert and I went to Cardigan Park to watch Athletic v Keddon. Crummy match, Athletic the better of two poor teams and things looked to be coasting towards a dull draw, but of course (bloody typically), in one of Keddon’s few attacks their No. 8 got a foot to the ball and sent it rolling past Ackroyd. Four minutes later and Athletic’s nonexistent defence let Keddon go two up. The thing was, no one seemed to care. 75p well spent I suppose.

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