Wednesday, March 4, 1981


First lesson spent waiting for Ingham to stop hovering around so I could go to the shop, which I did at about ten, and then the whole of the second period I sat in the stiflingly hot library talking to Claire. She told me that just before Christmas Michael told her he loved her, which, by the way she rolled her eyes when she told me, she obviously thought quite corny. She said she sneaked a look through his diary and was surprised that it was packed with every little detail that happened between them. "He seems obsessed." She says she really just wants to be friends with him and nothing more. Christ . . . if she saw this!

In English we were given parts from one of the Alverhouse Mystery Plays to read out, and in Slicer’s lesson we again discussed Enobarbus’ friendship with Antony, dismissing the idea that they were gay in any way. Then at one thirty everyone went to the poetry seminar at Easterby Poly’ and I went down to the Sports Hall to get ready for the rugby.

Our opponents Wheatshaw were already changed and out practising. They’re an excellent side, and the pace was much faster than the previous games I've played. I managed to get the ball and pass it on down the line a couple of times, but more often than not it was snatched away from me. At half-time it was 0-0, but soon after the break Wheatshaw scored two tries and got a penalty and then we really soaked up the pressure, battling away in scrums and rucks within inches of our line before we fought back and scored a couple of tries. A good atmosphere at this point, Ingham, Flatters and McIntyre shouting encouragement from the sidelines. We lost 10-11.

Tommy brought in his cassette recorder today and it looked really good and worked well at first, but then the recording facility went, then rewind and fast forward, and finally it quit altogether! I'm annoyed; it's pretty rotten of him.

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