Tuesday, April 28, 1981

"Physical emanation of light"

In History we're in to the post-Stalin era, Kruschev, etc. In period 4, I had “running” to do, and had to sit in M1 during a Music exam, so I read Lunacharsky’s Revolutionary Silhouettes. He seems interesting, especially his ‘Proletkult’ thing. Last lesson I was all alone so I carried on reading (amazed to read L’s description of the “physical emanation of light” from Lenin’s skin). After school I trukked down to Topshop to see about this job, but the manager was out, so I had a wasted journey.

In the evening, I was just preparing to do my essay for Slicer when the ‘phone rang. It was Jeremy. Ninety-five minutes later I finally sat down again, after tittle-tattling about things so absolutely trivial it’s embarrassing. I felt almost ashamed afterwards I finally finished my essay late. Andrew rang: Denmark on, jazz-festival off!

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