Monday, April 27, 1981


Back to school again in bright sun and a big thaw, and when I got in I was in a good mood. As soon as I got in, Claire said, “Sorry I didn’t ring….” After Assembly I saw her again in the library;  everyone was sweating away over History revision for the test periods three and four, which ended up going OK. I could answer two of the three required questions on the Provisional Government and events of 1905 quite easily, and the third (about the origins of the Great Terror of 1936-8) I ended up feeling quite proud about after I'd ranted on about Rosa Luxemburg. During the last period Claire let slip about me going down there over the hols, saying, “I was expecting you to ring up for something else.” Does she think I was using a lame excuse to go down there? This preyed on my neurotic paranoid mind.

A superb sunset and I listened to Moonflower; Art to be done, but . . .? Grant rang and told me the holiday is all booked and paid for. Sean Barker came around teatime to tell me about a Saturday job at Topshop in Royden.

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