Thursday, May 7, 1981


High tension day, with lots of friction between me and Jeremy, and just a general malaise. I didn’t have one lesson all day, and I sat about bored out of my skull. He says I think I’m so superior, and at Art College he almost deliberately ignored me and was really terse. I tried to analyse it, but it's all so difficult.

This football; we couldn’t raise a team and despite much hand wringing we eventually decided to call it off. Cries of cowardice all round tomorrow no doubt. I was supposed to be doing English, but spent most of the evening watching TV. I was accused by Mum of being pro-IRA, and I got quite annoyed about that.

The County Council elections were held today, and despite Dad’s pledge on Monday to vote Ecology (we even put an Ecology leaflet up in the window), he predictably turned and voted bloody Tory. Mum voted Ecology. I spent all evening watching the election results come in. The GLC has fallen to Labour. In the W. Midlands, there’s been a +14% swing to Labour, and Yorkshire has gone to the Labour-men. Nationally it seems that the swing to Labour hasn’t been as big as they’d hoped, with only 3½% in London, but provincially it was bigger. Better than 1977 but not as good as 1973. One thing I do agree with Labour on is opposing the Con’s (how appropriate!) cheap smear campaign, hysterically dishing out the label Marxist and Trotskyist to every Labour candidate in sight. They’ve been well-supported by their puppet paper the Daily Express. True Marxists should sue them for libel.

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