Thursday, May 21, 1981

Just for the sake of it

Dad has the car back and although the CV joints and ball-joints have been fixed, they can’t find anything else wrong. We went into Easterby at nine-thirty and I went to the library and bought two books from their sale shelves; Parliament and Mumbo Jumbo by Emrys Hughes MP and The Ashanti by Lystad. I’d planned on buying a T-shirt but they were £2.99 in C & A so I didn’t. Instead, I wandered round Smiths trying to think of something to buy just for the sake of it. I eventually got Sphinx & Commissar by Mohamed Heikal in the sale.

For some reason I’ve felt really fed-up today. Nothing is ever exciting or interesting and I’m often quite bored. I really do wallow in self-pity, even more so when I heard Andrew has got all his money changed into Danish krones. He's all set to leave a week on Saturday. I'm jealous.

We played three more games in this 6-a-side league tonight and I really didn’t want to go. I even rang up Richard hoping he couldn’t raise a team but he could and so I ended up going. We had a completely new team with Justin Knox, a kid called Chesil and a friend of Forrest’s. Our first match was crap and we lost 0-3 and had ages to wait until the next one. In the second match we were doing OK at half-time, defending like mad, and it was 0-0, but our second-half collapse occurred again and we slumped to 0-4. The last match was easily our best, and the ref said we were “worrying them off the field.” At half-time it was 0-0 again after desperate goal-mouth scrambles and we even had an attack but Forrest shot just wide. Predictably though we crumbled to another 0-3 defeat, and we’ve now conceded 37 goals without scoring. We heard that our first match of the season has been put down as a 1-1 draw even though we actually lost 0-6, so at least we’ve got a point.

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