Sunday, May 31, 1981


Robert and Carol arrived and despite the overcast conditions we all decided to set off for Plumpton zoo.  I went in Robert’s Renault. Plumpton was just the same as ever,  hordes of people everywhere, many of whom I ended up quite disliking. When we were going round the zoo we kept encountering one loutish kid, about 14, with a typically moronic Mike Reid-style father, who kept throwing things at the animals. I felt like thrashing him. What an absolute cretin. When I see some people I become convinced about theories of rule by the intelligentsia or something similar. They wouldn’t care at all. The animals were interesting, and despite the rain, we wandered down to the lake.

On the way back, Robert pulled into Whincliffe airport, as Carol had never been, and we stayed to see the five-fifteen to London take off in miserable, drizzly filth.

Andrew got to Denmark.

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