Monday, May 4, 1981


What else can I say but another wasted day. Mum and Dad went for a walk over the moors while I sat at home “working.” I was really supposed to be doing Art, but I was too busy being distracted by the radio, and I'm sure I’ll regret this stagnancy one day. Lee rang from Tommy’s and came round on his bicycle, which he bought second-hand for £40 on Saturday.

In the evening I at least did a couple of sketches of vehicles for Art and did the preliminaries for a bigger composition, and listened to Hendrix, Santana and the like. At 9.50 I watched The Making of Mankind, a program I’ve waited for for weeks and which was as good as I’d anticipated. Now I have to wait a whole week until episode No. 2 on the footprints at Laetoli!

And that’s about it, a pretty conformist, nondescript day with no ideas and no activity. Superficial.

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