Sunday, May 17, 1981


We went to Robert’s at ten, taking Nanna P along too. Robert and Carol were their usual cheerful selves, although Robert was ill and said he felt rotten.

An afternoon spent reading Robert’s books, talking, and eating Carol’s really good meals. I've had a lump under my left arm for a couple of weeks and while I was drying the dishes I told Mum; it’s only small but it's painful. She told me to go to the doctor’s and now I feel really worried, thoughts of cancer, all sorts. This put me in a mood for the rest of the day. In the afternoon Mum, Dad, Robert and Carol went went to a garden centre leaving NP and I on our own.

Half-an-hour into the journey back we broke down. Dad rang the AA, who identified the trouble as worn ball joints and decrepit CV joints. We had to wait for an AA Relay winch truck and we were driven home, getting back just before eleven. A new experience anyway, which should keep NP going for years!

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