Friday, May 15, 1981

What's new?

Got in late after doing some homework for Mr Giles. We wrote haikus period one and everyone seemed short tempered, the atmosphere weird, irritable and personal somehow; Deborah, called Rita a “silly bitch” and Claire called Andy Briscoe a “stupid prat.” In History Claire told me she had a sudden urge to hit me on the head with her pencil case. Interesting. At break Nick was voted Debater of the Year beating Jeremy out by 7 votes to 6. I got knocked out in the first round with two votes. Claire voted for Jeremy.

After school, I met Lee in Farnshaw and we went round a few second-hand/antique shops. It thundered and rained huge rain-drops on the way home. Later I went to see Athletic play Carrstall Town who are second from bottom. Robert and Carol arrived shortly before K.O. and I felt depressed for some reason. The soccer was absolute crap; Carrstall scored twice and it was the worst match I've ever seen there.

I walked home. I feel really depressed and troubled today, jealous, unsure, and frustrated. What’s new?

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