Friday, August 1, 1980

Friday August 1st

After getting up late I wandered around a lot today. First thing though, I checked my beetle trap and to my delight I found not one but several beetles (four in fact). These I let go and reset the trap, although nothing else was caught all day.

At about eleven o’clock Mum went into Farnshaw to do some shopping and since Dad was still in bed (he’s on nights all this week) all I could do was wander around, looking at books, or in the garden.

Dad got up mid-afternoon and about tea time I watched the Olympics from Moscow. I played records after tea while Andrew sat in his bedroom doing a description of a picture for college. I played Hendrix (“Electric Ladyland”), Santana (“Moonflower”) and “Visions of the Emerald Beyond” by the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Finally at 11 p.m I went out for a quick look at my trap, which I found was empty. For the next half-an-hour though, I wandered around the garden just seeing what was about. Everywhere I looked I could see creatures moving – slugs, spiders, worms, beetles, woodlice and snails. On the surface of the soil and from under the wall along the path were loads of earthworms just laid there. Whether this was because of the torrential downpour and thunder we had at 3.30 p.m I don’t know. Woodlice were everywhere, covering the walls and trunks of trees. Over by the garage I saw harvestmen, Garden snails, slugs and several shiny black beetles. It’s amazing the amount that goes on that people never see. The gardens just come to life (I had to sleep down because N.P is here).

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