Monday, August 18, 1980

Monday August 18th

Most of the day was spent similar to yesterday, messing around with my football leagues. In the afternoon, Mum and Dad went for a 3 mile walk near Lee Cote and around Gilthwaite, and I typed out Athletic statistics for last season. I’m also keeping a record of soccer violence – 63 ‘fans’ were arrested at two matches on Saturday, and 16 policemen were injured.

At around five-thirty I rang David Kilpatrick to see if there was a Society meeting scheduled for tonight. When I rang, his wife answered and said he was out. She promised to tell him though, and get him to ring me when he came back from work.

It was getting near my normal setting off time when he rang about 6.10. Yes, there was to be a meeting.

I was quite pleased and duly set off, catching a Yorkshire Metro bus (36p) and then a City Circle (22p) to Croft Hill and Kerforth Library. All the usuals were there – Brian Cowen, Jack Greaves, Mike Wild, Brian Hudson, Norman whatsisname and his brother. I know this sounds silly but I spoke a lot more this meeting than before; to a bloke about Athletic and to D. Kilpatrick about the Sheffield tie (he wants me to get him a ticket) and to the old bloke who sits in front of me about school etc.

The main event of the night was a series of films shown by a member of Burston Astronomical Society. The films themselves were quite good (Voyager 2 Computer Simulation of Jupiter Encounter; Pioneer Venus, SCATHA, Shuttle drop tests etc.), but the presentation was up to (down to) its usual, amateurish form. There were lots of technical hitches (projector breaking down) and throughout most of the showing, the sound wasn’t working. The speaker seemed unsure of what he was saying and couldn’t be heard. It was just generally a crummy presentation.

When it had finished, I walked to Nanna B’s. Mum and Dad were there collecting some washing (Mum’s washing machine broke down the other day) and Uncle Arnold. Nanna B. seemed edgy and we all agreed later that she is wallowing in self-pity (“I can’t get around like I used to” . . . . “I never go out nowadays . . .” etc.). Mum and Dad had offered to give her and Nanna P. a run out on Wednesday but the former had stalled because she had to look after Jenny. This upset Mum a bit. Mum also told me that a girl had rung me.

Mum, Dad and I all trooped round to look at Susan’s Wedding pic’s. Peter was there and he seems a good bloke. After 15 minutes or so we went.

When I got home, the message, which was from Wendy Truswell, said “Middlesmoor, £6.00, Sept 6th-7th” and concerned a caving trip. Andrew had received it and although in a way I’d like to go, in another I don’t. Armitage’s gone off to Antarctica now, so I reckon this’ll be a students only trip. Mum emphatically refused to let me use my new boots and said that really she didn’t like me doing it but that she couldn’t stop me. I suppose I could wear pumps. I’ll have to ring Truswell soon, to settle the thing.

Tomorrow I think I’ll be going to Hainsworth Hall with Mum and Dad, and to Dengates in the evening.

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