Tuesday, August 26, 1980

Tuesday August 26th

For August 26th substitute August 25th. My days just lately seem to be passing really quickly and I’m doing nothing in them – it is almost as if I’m waiting for something to happen. Perhaps it is that I know my holidays are nearly over and work is near.

Most of the day was spent reading Robert M. Pirsig’s “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” which has really captured my imagination. Dad was on at two and Mum spent her day dyeing my camouflaged combat jacket dark brown, and tapering it to fit me.

The “Echo” was full of tomorrow’s Yorkshire Cup tie with Sheffield – manager Jack Charlton saying stuff like; “they’ll be giving their everything” and “we’ll treat them just as we do West Ham or Chelsea.” It really is going to be a night to remember. Robert and Carol are bringing George the cat up tomorrow too. They’ll be leaving London after four years there, moving their stuff into their flat at Swinton and then blasting across the border to see the match.

When Andrew came home he had bought “Oneness,” Santana’s solo album. We listened to it as we ate tea and it is ace, side two especially.

After he had gone out to see Woody Allen’s “Manhattan,” I did the pots and played “Oneness” Side 2 over and over again. I felt sad somehow – Santana’s music conjures up visions of something, feelings that are so unattainable. Whatever you do doesn’t bring those same feelings as you get when listening – I don’t know, sunsets or superb sunny days and vistas. I suppose that’s why I’m hooked on this round-the-world thing, to try get that feeling somewhere.

Andrew finally came back when Part 5 of “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” was finishing. Dad was home and after Andrew had gone into the dining room to play “Oneness,” he started going on about Robert having his “priorities all wrong,” and more or less implying that they could have come on the holiday if they’d really made the effort. I hate him when he’s like that – his face becomes blank and resigned and he becomes really annoying. I can see now why people love to get away from home; it is so claustrophobic and stifling here. At least I’ve got tomorrow to look forward to!

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