Monday, August 4, 1980

Sunday August 3rd

A pretty average Sunday. Got up at about eleven and read the “Sunday Times” until dinner at one. Mum seemed in a bad mood – bored with the summer holidays already I expect. I too feel as if home life is so boring. Everything is just the same all the time; I suppose I must be getting the leaving bug.

I played darts with Andrew and listened to music all afternoon, watching an Olympics highlights programme on ITV later on (the Olympics closed today).

Mum, Dad and Nanna Peale went out to Keddon Moor in the afternoon, leaving without telling us.

The evening went in pretty much the same way too. I finally succumbed and told Andrew that I was doing a diary. He said that he wouldn’t want to do a personal diary for fear that somebody might discover it and perhaps be hurt by comments about them.

A woman from Melton Green rang and said that she had two flats for offer (£25 a week) but that if Robert wanted them he had better hurry because they were much sought after. The only snag was that no pets would be allowed. Mum immediately contacted Robert and said that they would pay the £100 refundable deposit “essential” for the flat. Amazingly enough, she also offered to take George (Robert and Carol’s cat) as from Aug 25. Robert accepted the offer and rang Mrs Booth to say he’d have one of the flats. Now they’ve got to sell their house!

I spent the rest of the evening looking at Andrew’s Asahi Pentax KX SLR camera and wishing I had one.

In the late evening I watched television until 1200 p.m when everybody came to bed and I was given access to the floor.

As far as insects are concerned, today, upon checking my beetle trap in Mr. Tillotson’s garden, I discovered six of those ubiquitous black ground beetles (Busy Pterischus?) with the red legs. Tomorrow I may go into Easterby.

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