Wednesday, August 20, 1980

Wednesday August 20th

When I got up Dad and Robert were already up. Robert and I listened to records and the radio until elevenish, when Mum and Dad set off in the car to pick Nanna P., Nanna B. and Jenny up, for a drive round Wharfedale. Rather them than me.

After they’d gone out, I had to go to Moxthorpe to meet David Kilpatrick for the money for the Sheffield tickets. He wanted six for the Three Locks Road side of the ground and gave me £6.00. He seemed quite grateful to me for doing this, and promised to “give me a bell” tomorrow afternoon about meeting him for the tickets.

I played Robert at “Scrabble” when I got home, and got beaten by 90 points. For the rest of the afternoon, Robert and I listened to records in my bedroom and played darts.

Mum, Dad and Nanna P. got back at about 5.00 p.m., the latter being in fine voice about “Kenneth & Shirley” and all the lovely outings she’d had with them. Apparently, she never stopped talking about them all afternoon, even when driving through superb scenery.

At about 6.45, Andrew, Robert and I set off for Cardigan Park to see Athletic v Walshey Town (last season’s result; Athletic 3-1 Walshey): Robert said goodbye to everybody because he was driving straight down from the match to London, getting back about three in the morning.

The match was crummy, a 1-1 draw. Athletic started well, and looked the better side by far, but some crowd trouble (!) half-way through the first half threw their concentration a bit. Athletic scored first just after the interval and the rest of the match was played in driving rain. Walshey equalised about 15 minutes from time.

In order to give Robert a good start back, Andrew and I offered to go back on the bus and we got back about ten. Mum and Dad had taken N.P. back. David Kilpatrick rang later about the tickets – all the Three Locks Road side are reserved for Sheffield fans so he wanted six Easterby End tickets instead.

Robert did a dirty on me a bit. As we were going to the match he said I’d have to ask Mum for £2 to cover the cost of his and Carol’s tickets. He promised to pay them back but he could have told me. Mum blasted on cynically about “all take in this house” when I asked her (I also had to ask for my pocket money in advance) and I came to bed feeling pissed off with Mum and Dad. They’re always bad-tempered lately.

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