Thursday, August 7, 1980

Thursday August 7th

An air of boredom surrounded the house today. When I got up the house was in silence – Dad had gone to work at ten, Andrew was at Cole’s – only Mum was up. She sat in the dining room with the fire on (it was a few degrees colder today) and seemed to me to be depressed.

My book by Isaac Asimov; “Extraterrestrial Civilizations”; had arrived through the post this morning (it was Dad’s birthday present for me) but I was unable to get really excited about it. What with the dismal weather outside and Mum sat stonily in the other room . . . (I later found out that she was still brewing about last night – “It’s getting as bad as when Robert was here . . .” etc.).

I did nothing worth writing about all day – apart from read, watch television (fifth test rained off) and feel aimless. At this rate I’m going to actually enjoy getting back to school.

In the evening I watched “Top of the Pops” (it returned after a nine week absence through the musicians’ union dispute) and “The Assassination Game” before coming to bed at about 11.15 p.m.

As I write this, the rain has eased off a bit outside. I’ve got to get up ‘early’ tomorrow because Mum wants to get me some new hiking boots.

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