Friday, August 8, 1980

Friday August 8th

I saw my first ‘X’ certificate films today. They were “Richard Pryor: Live in concert” and “Jimi Hendrix” and I saw them with Keith Patchett and Andrew.

First though, I went into Easterby. I went with Mum because she was going to buy me some new hiking boots (remember I did in the last ones). We arrived in Easterby at 9.40 a.m. and went immediately to “Black’s,” a shop for camping equipment in Purley Street. They hadn’t my size (or if they had, the boots were £30+) so on we went to the Army Stores in Schofield Street, next to HMV shop. There I tried on two different pairs, priced at £17.00 and £22.00. We bought the former, which were exactly like my old ones. Before I could go though, Mum made me try on loads of different waterproof jacket-type things – “Ooh I like that one – shall we buy you one for school, because you’ll need one,” etc.

Fortunately I got away, and after “borrowing” 50p for busfare home off Mum I left her and went on to W.H. Smith’s, where I looked at books. Although today I had £6.00 with me I somehow just couldn’t bring myself to buy the “Field Guide” – it was a toss up between that and the “Guinness Book of Answers – 1980.” I didn’t buy either, but went on to Eastgate Centre and Smith’s there, S.P.C.K. Bookshop and then to HMV Records.

I got home at about 12.45 p.m, and read my book, “The Ape Within Us,” until teatime (although the 5th Test started at 2.45 p.m., I couldn’t be arsed watching it). Andrew came home at about six and after tea, at about 6.30, Keith Patchett rang to say he’d be round shortly to pick us up. We’d been going to go for days (Andrew and I decided on July 30th). At five I had my hair washed.

The films were to be held at Easterby Playhouse & Film Theatre at the other side of Easterby. Admission was £1.20 and I felt no qualms about going, even though I’m two years under age. We sat in the balcony seats, which were placed so close together as to make life impossible for my legs.

The first film was “Jimi Hendrix,” the film soundtrack of which Andrew has a copy of. All the tracks on the album were featured – “Purple Haze,” “Hey Joe,” “Machine Gun,” ‘Star Spangled Banner,” “In From The Storm” etc . . . . . . . . . . , and the film was fab apart from the cramp which I got in my right knee halfway through.

The main film featured was “Richard Pryor: Live In Concert” (R.P. was the negro-slave in “Blazing Saddles”). The film was simply a live stand up comedy act in Long Beach, California; no backing; no music; just the one bloke there on his own. Although he was a pretty foul mouthed bloke – fuck, shit etc. – he used them to good effect and had tears rolling down my face. I felt unrestrained without Mum and Dad present.

We came back on the bus because Keith Patchett had to get home quickly because he was on the buses at five tomorrow morning (also his wife is expecting a sprog in three weeks).

In the evening, as we came home, I felt really good. Mum was packing our things when we got home – lots of hassle over which pair of pants to take, what shirts to wear.

Tomorrow we set off for our holiday.

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