Saturday, August 30, 1980

Saturday August 30th

I got up to be greeted by blustery, cold wind and grey, rainy skies. Dad was his usual morose self – “This must be the worst summer on record” etc . . . – complaining about the wind and cold. To say he’s a supposed nature lover he seems to take bad weather as if its done deliberately by the forecasters.

Nanna P. gave me £5 for “winning your exams” which means I now have about £6.50p.

I spent a lot of the afternoon listening to Radio North’s Sports Report featuring Cotton Bank Trinity v Easterby Athletic, (Athletic drew yet again, 3-3 this time, after being behind three times) and doing my leagues. What a boring, unfulfilled day today was. With the crummy weather and school looming near it was really depressing in the house today.

After tea I played a few “Santana” albums while pretending to tidy my bedroom up. What with all Robert’s and Andrew’s stuff piled around there’s just no incentive to do it properly.

I hope tomorrow is better (we’re doing a 12 mile hike).

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