Monday, August 11, 1980

Monday August 11th

At nine we set off in the car for Richmond, a small Cross Green-sized town 17½ miles away, and although the weather on the way was dull and dry, by the time we arrived at our destination it was throwing it down. While Mum and Dad did some shopping in Woolworths, Andrew and I wandered around the town centre looking primarily for book shops. When Mum had finished, we all went into a sports shop where Mum bought me a green cagoul which was said to be 100% waterproof. My red one was worse than useless. Mum also bought Dad one and they cost £17.

We then visited the Green Howards’ Museum, Richmond Castle and had some dinner at a café. I bought Collins’ “Field Guide to the Insects of Britain and Europe” which cost only £4.95, a pound cheaper than in Easterby.

All the time the rain shuttered down, making Mum really irritable and short-tempered. We visited the Georgian Theatre before coming home at about three. Much of the enjoyment was denied because of the rain, but it ended up alright really.

On the way back we parked in Reeth and for a time it was warm and quite bright. We visited the folk museum there before setting off for Gunnerside again, arriving back at about 6.30.

In the evening we sat round the fire listening to the radio and talking until 9.45 when Dad, Andrew and I went down to the pub’. I had a pint of shandy and we stayed there until closing time. The sky was clear when we came out and we paused for a while to watch several bright meteors and a satellite. The Milky Way was clearly visible unlike Easterby where the skies are a perpetual orange because of the street lamps.

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