Sunday, August 17, 1980

Sunday August 17th

Back into the same old routine – another dull Sunday. Got up when only Dad was up, and read the ‘Times’ most of the morning, gazing at the soccer results. Athletic’s first league match of 1980-81 (away at Midgewell) ended in a 1-1 draw, Midgewell equalising in injury time with a penalty. Hudson saved, but the rebound was blasted in. Robert rang and I promised him I would go to the Athletic ticket office tomorrow to see if I could get four tickets for the Sheffield game, or at least reserve them.

In the afternoon I did my football leagues (I finished the Second Division) and listened to music while Andrew did some college work in the other room. I’ll have to start thinking about school again soon – I go for my ‘O’ level results on the 28th and go back on the 3rd – and I’ve got stacks of work for the new term.

Mum, Dad and Andrew went out to the pub’ at about nine, so I stayed in and watched “Testament of Youth” with Cheryl Campbell as Vera Brittain. I really enjoyed it (her).

I also watched highlights of the Austrian Grand Prix, which was won today by Jean Pierre Jabouille.

Nothing much happened today, a pretty predictable and mundane Sunday.

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