Monday, August 25, 1980

Monday August 25th

I got up late today, twelve o’clock in fact. I always feel annoyed with myself when ligging in bed so long – half the day has gone already.

I don’t know why I’m bothering to write this – I did absolutely nothing all day except do my football leagues. In the back of my mind all day was the knowledge that school is only a week or so away – it has really come round quickly. It’s like a cloud on the horizon.

Andrew came home at five, he had been given time off because it was a Bank Holiday. His roommate from college rang later and at about eight, Andrew went out. After he had gone I watched a film adaptation of a Rudyard Kipling story called “The Man Who Would Be King,” which was really good (about two British Army squaddies who go to a remote part of Southern Asia and who fool the people there that they are gods).

After I had gone to bed, I sat at my table completing my imaginary League Cup (Arsenal beat Luton Town 5-2 in the Final).

I’ve got a lot of school work to do I suppose for September 3rd, although I feel as if I can’t be bothered doing it. I’ve an essay to do for History, two books to start reading for English (“Persuasion” by Jane Austen and a V.S. Naipaul book) and I’d better make an effort to do those UI reports.

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