Wednesday, October 21, 1981

Head case

Into school late yet again, just as everyone was going to lessons. I felt nothing. Jeremy had his hair tinted green, but otherwise a nondescript day. Claire seemed more friendly, and I enjoyed her company very much, and she again blasted Duncan (to "impress" me, according to Lee). In General Studies, we watched an hour-and-a-quarter of a play about a nuclear power station and its effects on a logger and his girlfriend, his sister and her husband. It was really quite good.

Straight after this I was whisked away by Sean Laxton to the waiting coach and Haley Hill for the rugby match against Cliff School. They walked over us, eventually openly mocking our half hearted efforts. FT: 4-48. The intellectual levels on that coach, especially on the way back, were utterly low; there were some real head-cases. I felt listless, achey and sleepy when I got home.

Today it became apparent how utterly CONVENTIONAL I am.

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