Wednesday, October 7, 1981


I came in late and met Claire cycling in, also late. First lesson History, second English, but nothing is sinking in. We are all free third period and it was one of those typical days with Claire, obviously bored, going on again about how she wants five kids, talking about cars, driving instructors. . . . I felt desperate. In General Studies we watched a film about Buddhism. Peter was annoyingly racist.

The weather cleared in the afternoon and evening and turned bitterly cold. Robert and Carol showed up at six-thirty for the football.

Athletic started OK although Tabotworth Works were good in defence. But Tabotworth went ahead in the twenty-fifth minute and then went two up on the hour, a twenty yarder after a clearance off the line. We were all sickened. Luckily, Easterby got a penalty after 72 minutes. 1-2! Two minutes from the end, a Tabotworth player was sent through with only Hudson to beat, and he looked to have it covered but Scarborough thundered in, attempted to clear, and the ball rebounded into the goal! Robert was really pissed off. Where has their old form gone?

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