Saturday, October 10, 1981

When Saturday comes

It was clear and cold with occasional showers and a fresh wind. Robert rang to say he’s lost his car keys so he’d be going to the match by bus.

Dad brought Nanna Beardsall across and then offered me a lift to Cardigan Park, and I got to the ground to find Rob already there. A win would keep us second and Ingleborough, in all yellow, looked pretty pathetic but as usual it seemed to be one of those games where the goals just wouldn't come. It was intensely frustrating to watch Athletic’s toothless attack keep giving the ball away or passing into touch.

The second half began the same way,  every move forward by Athletic broken up by Ingleborough's packed defence. They had ten men in the box at one point, but twenty minutes into the half, McArdle was awarded a penalty for hand ball. Unbearable tension as Pattison hit the ball right at the goalie, but it went under him and into the net. Goal number two came from a Newlands header in off the post, and soon players were lining up to take shots. Athletic played some superb football, especially Pattison and McArdle, and although Ingleborough kept threatening it was a brilliant second-half performance.

I was in a good mood all evening, feeling optimistic and content. I don’t know why, because I still have my UCCA form to fill out.

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