Sunday, October 18, 1981


Got up to glorious sun and blue sky, Sawthwaite Valley looking much bigger and more impressive than it really is.

I was appointed to the road-crew and three of us, an elderly bloke called Ned and a younger man whose name I didn't know, set out with a wheelbarrow full of slate and spent the morning filling in holes along the track. My two companions were OK and I enjoyed the morning. After dinner, I was part of a larger team collecting rubble and small stones and filling in large depressions on the road to make it level. We finished this at two-thirty and then Robin, Wendy, Sharon, Tim and Peter and I wandered off towards Low Tarn, which was just as bleak and utterly remote as I remembered it.

When we got back we had an hour of hanging about before setting back at six or so.

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