Friday, October 2, 1981

Larger than life

I wasn't as nervous as I expected about my Marxism ‘seminar’ and when I kept mentioning my fears to Claire she said, “You’ve no need to be frightened: you know us all.” I felt stupid then. It went OK, but predictably I suffered from twitching and trembling, my lips feeling larger than life all of a sudden.

I stayed behind after school, Deborah, Steve, Tim and Peter talking about cars, etc. . . . I rued me as I am. Afterwards, I set off for Dearnelow and when I got there, Carol’s sister Lynne was across for the weekend on a blind date with one of Robert’s teacher friends. She seems nice, giggly. . . . The kittens are really amusing to watch, running after each other, scrapping, and hopping straight up into the air.

We all went to the pub’ later on. It was bitterly cold.

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