Friday, November 13, 1981

Aimless wandering

Duncan delivered the bike before school, I gave him a cheque for £30 and then spent the rest of the day half feeling I’d been ripped off.

Laura and I played chess and during last period she came over to talk to me. We were talking when Mr. Elson wandered across, pinning notices up on the walls and somehow I got on about how depressed I feel and more or less repeated what I said yesterday about my frustration, my stagnation, etc. He seemed interested and told me I should do something different. Laura said she was going out on Saturday with a friend, and, “You could come out with me." Elson: “There you are, if I had an offer like that . . . !” But I got the feeling it was just charity from Laura and she seemed like she regretted her offer immediately. Even so, I could scarcely credit she’d made it. Elson left to pin up more notices saying I needed to hurry up and shake free from my torpor.

During the evening, Peter called round, and we ended up trailing around Egley and Farnshaw. We even went to Duncan’s. I hated aimlessly wandering about and all round Egley it seemed, gangs of bored lads were engaged in similar activities.

Andrew still hadn't arrived when I went to bed. Mum had all her top teeth pulled out today. She was ill.

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