Wednesday, November 4, 1981

The way I am

I was late into school yet again. Hirst is still away so I was free most of the morning, which I spent in the common room arguing with Duncan about the police or something or other. For once I was glad I got across something forcefully and without whingeing. I recall hearing Claire back me up. I’m always ashamed of airing my views.

In the afternoon Jeremy and I went to my house for the second launch of the Shuttle. Claire and Evelyn came along too, and how happy I was, crunching through all the leaves, talking to her! The Shuttle was a GO for launch, but as the tension rose, there was a hold at T-31 seconds which dragged on and became permanent. No launch, the same despairing feeling as last April, a big-let down. We sat about for another half-an-hour or so before going back to school in time for last lesson, General Studies.

After school I felt reflective and heart-sick. I haven’t a clue what to do or anything about Claire; I sat in History this morning and just looked at her and hated how quickly time flies by, how soon the weeks rush past. Now I won’t see her again until next Monday. I always look to the sad side of things even when I’m happy. That seems to be the way I am.

Later, I went and watched Athletic beat Ryburn United 2-0 in the worst match I’ve seen this season. Athletic’s goals culminated half-an-hour of fierce attacking football, but after this the rest of the match was lifeless and dull, with Ryburn outplaying Athletic for long periods. Scarborough was brilliant though, crunching into defenders with frequent tackles. Dad picked me up on his way home from work.

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