Tuesday, November 24, 1981

Details later

Hirst cancelled her lesson first thing. In our fourth lesson, our student teacher Mr. McDermott set us a really obscure and difficult poem, and then during dinner and on into History there was a big argument between Duncan, Jeremy, and Claire over nothing really: Duncan said that he's told his Dad about Hirst’s “hit the bottle" advice to Lee and I: various accusations of tactlessness and distortion flew around. Jeremy told Hirst and she was sort of half-annoyed and half-amused, and Claire then accused Jeremy of trying to "blacken Duncan’s name." She got really quite vicious with him and there was an aroma of distaste over everything after that.

I got home to find a brown envelope from Kent Uni in the hallway.; they’ve offered me a place, details later. Robert rang with the news that the £150 overdraft he and Carol thought they had is actually closer to £500, and on the ‘phone with Mum he was nearly in tears. I felt utterly depressed after this; Mum crying, gloom all around.

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