Thursday, November 19, 1981

Low sun

I didn’t have to go into school today and I lay in bed enjoying the sensation of waking and drifting away.

At ten or so, I heard the phone ring and I could hear Dad talking in subdued ‘family-tragedy’ tones. It was Robert, ringing from the hospital. A car accident: he ploughed into the back of another car driving into a low sun. Carol has injured both legs and bruised her head after they both went through the windscreen. The car's a write off, Robert is in the troughs of despair, and all the money they sank into the car is gone. At least they’re alive.

I went into school anyway and wanted to tell everyone, but it was one of those situations where a thing is important personally but not so to anyone else. School felt funny as a result. We’re going across at the weekend.

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