Monday, November 30, 1981


Another wet, miserable day, but I really enjoyed Claire’s company, and for once felt OK, even happy with myself. She left at dinnertime and I sat in the common room with nothing to do, waiting for a lift into Easterby which Peter had promised me.

Half of me was glad to get away, and at two-thirty Peter and Tim and I went up to Peter’s house for the car. It wasn't available, so we walked in the freezing wind and steady downpour to Moxthorpe for the bus. Fares up again! We got into Easterby just as it was coming in dark and wandered round to a couple of shops.

While we waited for the bus back we looked round HMV and I ran into Wiechec, then Julie Pilkington and Sean Laxton too. I was in a stupid, rash, money spending mood and bought Santana's Caravanserai for £2.99.

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