Sunday, November 1, 1981


November came in in fine old style with high winds, steely grey skies and rain. I read about US authoritarianism in Latin America all morning, the pathological hatred and fear of communism that makes them support anti-communist opponents at all costs, even when those opponents are military dictators and fascists. It made me really angry and frustrated.

The weather began to clear just before one and got bright, winds still gale-force and I set off to  the Film Theatre feeling happy. I had to wait for the lunchtime session to finish before I could get my steward’s badge, torch and reaction sheets.

I was steward through three films: Tapdancin’, The Stuntman, and in place of La Ronde, Gregory’s Girl again. The theatre was empty compared to yesterday although it did fill up for The Stuntman,  but I watched the last film of the afternoon with about twenty others. I came home on the bus with Jeremy and Colin.

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