Friday, November 20, 1981


A day of gusting gale-force wind: mid-morning, the elements combined into one violent, howling rage of rain driven horizontally against the school, so spectacular that it sent everyone in the common room rushing to the windows.

I felt out of touch and isolated and so remote from Claire, who continues to show me no special attention. We had a history test period three, and afterwards I sat by my self listening to the dull, macho conversations of Briscoe & co. Later, Laura and I played chess, and she, Evelyn and I talked, which I quite enjoyed.

I met Lee at four in Easterby. It was dark and noisy with the screams of millions of starlings. We wandered round ex-Army stores and Praxis and I spent £4.73 on my bike. At home we're still preoccupied with Rob & Carol. I overheard Mum saying that Carol thinks Rob could be heading for a nervous breakdown. He gets so worked up over practical things, and is slightly neurotic I think.

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