Friday, September 19, 1980

Friday September 19th

Friday is my worst day of the school week – I haven’t got one free period all day and I have triple Biology.

At break all 6A had to attend a meeting in B18 about a trip on Tuesday to Easterby Polytechnic, which may be fairly interesting. It clashes with the Film Society though, so I’ll have to leave early. I shall only be able to go to two of the seven films programmed because of my Art class.

Biology was a continuation of Biochemistry – molecular structure of mono-, di-, and polysaccharides, etc. – and the final lesson of the day, history, was all about the beginnings of the 1905 Revolution.

At home, Andrew was hanging around restlessly, waiting for tomorrow, when he goes back. He has sent some of his stuff, records, books, etc, down separately, and although he said he was looking forward to going back he still had a hollow, nervous feeling in his stomach.

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