Saturday, September 20, 1980

Saturday September 20th

Andrew went at 6.45 a.m., just before I got up. It seems strange now that he’s no longer here. The weather was foul, throwing it down, and although it stopped raining later on, it remained murky.

At about one o’clock I went out. I had to go into Easterby to buy myself a usable set of pencils and a pen. I also wanted a folder for my history notes.

W. H. Smith’s on Queensgate was the same as ever, crowded with people and books. I bought a clip-file (85p), a set of six exercise books, several pencils and a couple of cheapo “Bic” pens.

I inevitably spent a long time in the Book department, looking for books about the Russian Revolution. I saw a biography of Marx which I wouldn’t mind – there were also several good books on Biology which I wouldn’t mind having either.

I was just about to go to the Eastgate Mall to look at shops for a scarf when I remembered that “Rock-On” on Radio One featured a special tribute to Hendrix, who died ten years ago last Thursday. I had to hurry to get back in time. The programme was good – as was Athletic’s result (2-2 draw at 2nd in the table Manksteads). They played a 2-5-3 line up.

Tomorrow I have an essay to write for History (“Witte and Industrialisation”).

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