Tuesday, September 23, 1980

Tuesday September 23rd

At 9.10 a.m. I set off for the bus because I was going to Easterby Polytechnic. It was raining steadily when I set off, so I had to wear my cagoul.

I got to the Polytechnic late, and after wandering around the main exhibition areas I somehow got involved with Laxton, Abbott and co., and after playing around in the lifts for a while we ended up leaving the building at 11.30 a.m.

The lecture – “Applying Through UCCA” – wasn’t one I relished. Anyway, I went through all that at York in July. What with not wanting to feel left out I was roped into leaving – there really was quite a bit I wouldn’t have minded seeing (eg “Political Science,” “Archaeological Sciences” Dept and also the Polytechnic Library), but since I thought we were coming back, it wasn’t too bad.

We stopped at “Jennifer Gentle Boutique” – which specialises in Julie Crabtree style Oriental clothing – where Laxton bought some “joss-sticks” for 50p, and then we (Sean Laxton, Gary Abbott, Richard Deakin, Mark Pittock and myself) got the bus home. All the way back I was plagued by all my usual pangs of conscience.

I went into school, had dinner and then left again and went home. I was the only person in, so I sat about eating and reading for several hours until three-thirty, when I set off for Farnshaw College.

Our homework had been to cut out a picture from a magazine and state why we liked it, in preparation for a talk to the class, and as I sat there awaiting my turn I wished I was somewhere else. My turn came and Christ, what a berk I must appear. I gradually felt my cheeks begin to burn and soon, as I read out my blurb, my lip started to twitch nervously. It was a horrible feeling – hot and flustered and feeling awkward.

For the rest of the afternoon we experimented with shapes derived from the lamps – total crap!

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