Thursday, September 25, 1980

Thursday September 25th

For English today we had an essay to hand in – “Give an analytical account of the characters of the Eliots, Mrs Clay and Lady Russell” – mine wasn’t very good as I spent all morning rushing to complete it.

One thing I’ve noticed of late is that Claire Pearson keeps looking at me – occasionally I glance up to find her staring at me really strangely. I can’t tell whether the stare is derisive, admiring or what. I must present a pretty unusual spectacle – tall with unkempt hair – so perhaps this explains it.

English was nondescript, and Art at College was quite enjoyable. Mr Hine told us to experiment with shape and “energies,” creating feelings on paper, so we set about splashing paint across sheets of nice, white paper, creating lines and shapes. We all found it pretty hilarious – Beaumont’s picture ended up like an Impressionistic view of an African village, while mine consisted of a series of swirling S-like shapes in vivid yellow (see the connection? flame → light → lamp).

I came home feeling light-hearted apart from my cold and cough, which is just as bad.

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