Friday, September 26, 1980

Friday September 26th

The tedium of triple Biology was broken up by a film on Polytechnics, given by Easterby Careers Office. I have often wondered what the difference between a polytechnic and university is – now I know. To go to the former you need only one ‘A’ level, whereas to the latter three are usually required.

I have been thinking just lately about what to do after the sixth form. Up till now, the accepted course has been that I’ll go into University (providing I get my ‘A’ levels) for 3 years and then into a job, but I could take a year off after ‘A’ levels, go abroad perhaps or do some work in England (“to gain experience in living”). The more I think about this, the more I think that maybe it would be a good thing.

In Biology I got my essay back – I got A minus – and I got an identical mark for my Witte essay in History. Yesterday, Ingham asked to see me about taking on a language, and when I got into his office he told that if I wanted to apply for Oxford or Cambridge which, in his opinion, would be attainable in my case, I would have to take an ‘O’ level language course and also start preparing for the entrance exam. I told him that since I wasn’t fanatically desperate to go there, I couldn’t see that the extra work involved would be worth it. He told me to go and discuss it with my parents and tell him the result on Monday morning, although I knew my decision before I left his office. I told him that decision today – I wouldn’t bother.

In History, as we sat in P20 waiting for Ingham, Mrs Duncan gave me an invitation card to her daughter’s joint birthday celebration, to be held in Heber in late October (Helen, who went on the caving weekend, is one of her daughters). Whether I shall go or not I don’t know. I enjoyed the lesson because it was all about politics again – I find that side of the course easy.

The weather was good, the second day of continued sunshine in succession but I still have my cough and cold.

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